Australian Event Awards 2013 Sponsor

The P.A. People is a sponsor of the Australian Event Awards 2013. As the communications provider for the event, The P.A. People is a proud sponsor of the event for a second year running.

The Australian Event Awards is regarded within the events industry as the pinnacle of achievement within the sector. The program is all inclusive and open to all Australian events, event managers and event support services.

The awards are open to all Australian events professionals regardless of event size, type, location and association membership. There is one category for each award and only one award per sector making them highly prestigious.

There is no other Australian events awards program that provides such industry-wide recognition in a true reflection of the breadth of the events industry.

Quality Audio Systems for the City2Surf

City to surf finish lineThe Sun-Herald City to Surf is one of Australia’s most iconic sporting events and dates back to 1971 with just over 2000 entrants.

With over 85,000 entrants in 2013, the scale of this event has increased significantly over this time and is an amazing feat of logistics that is managed with the utmost precision by the Fairfax Media Events team.

For over 20 years, The P.A People have provided the start line and finish line audio systems and have proudly been selected to again provide our services for the 2013 race.

“It’s an honour to be involved year on year with such an amazing event”, said Matt Kirby, Manager, Event Communications. “The technical and logistical challenges combined with the unpredictable weather conditions provide us with our own sense of achievement, not dissimilar to those that have run the race! We would like to wish all the participants the best of luck for this year’s race.”


 Find out more at: http://www.city2surf.com.au/

ANZ Stadium: time lapse - major events!

ANZ Stadium Time Lapse PhotographyANZ Stadium asked AV provider, The P.A. People to deliver another specialist edited time lapse sequence capability for the Stadium & precinct - capturing this week's key activities - including State of Origin and Manchester United games. Chris Dodds, MD said - "we've provided this for ANZ previously, as well as for the Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.”

Check these links:

Click here to view the ANZ stadium time lapse footage

Click here to view the Grand Prix time lapse footage

The P. A. People have deployed up to six full HD SLR cameras at strategic locations around the ground to capture the activities of the Stadium over a five-day period…

“Our knowledge of the Ground, developed over nearly 15 years, places us in a unique position to capture the spirit of the Events at the Stadium. Coupled with the installation of the new stadium sound system over the past six months, this adds value to the services we offer as preferred Event Communications supplier to ANZ Stadium,” said Matt Kirby, Event Communications Manager at The P. A. People.

The P. A. People have provided high quality time-lapse photography for a number of key event clients over recent years, from the 2006 Commonwealth Games, World Youth Day 2008 to ANZ Stadium and the 2012 Formula 1 Qantas Australian® Grand Prix in Melbourne. This is an example of another service the Company can add to their core Event Communications offering to service the broader event community.

Find out more at: http://www.anzstadium.com.au/Home.aspx

London Calling: Tonnage & Technology

Sports Technology Ltd (ST) is a company formed to deliver services at large sporting events. Headed by Damian Rowe as MD — who has worked at seven Games dating back to Sydney — the company won the contract to provide audio and wired communication services at all the venues in London and across Great Britain.

Every venue required a different communications design.

ST’s audio subcontractors for London included Dimension Audio, The P.A. People, Brit Row, MCL and Delta Sound. These subcontractors normally compete for projects, but when the RFP includes 380 sound systems spread across the country it’s too big a job for any one company.
All of the entities that provided Clear-Com products were already linked by one thing: They are all part of the Clear-Com Global Rental Group, managed by Laurence Estrin.
Mark Bonner, MD of Delta Sound, the company that handled the installation of the talkback part of ST’s remit at all 42 venues, said that his biggest concern a year before the Games was simply the quantity of kit that would be needed. He said populating 42 venues with matrices, beltpacks, panels and other equipment was at least 10 times a normal job. 
By way of example, he said Delta Sound had used three of Clear-Com’s Eclipse Matrix systems while working the Queen’s Jubilee celebration earlier this year. That’s the number of spares — never used — on hand at the London Games. So 45 Eclipses were spread across Great Britain in July and August.
Australia-based The P.A. People — a veteran of world-class sporting events dating back to Sydney — provided much of the hardware for the venue comms, matrix systems and two-way radio packages for many of the 42 venues.
“We were fundamentally a hardware systems supplier in London,” said Chris Dodds, MD of The P.A. People. He said that equipment selection, which included Clear-Com Eclipse Matrix with V-Series Panels and HelixNets, was based on what had proven itself in big event communications over the last 12 years, with all products selected on merit and reliability. 



“When the bidding was taking place and we were talking about the project, its magnitude wasn’t a reality until we actually started to do it,” said Bonner. Delta, a HelixNet beta site and Eclipse customer with roughly US$1 million in equipment at the start of the process, added an additional US$500,000 in communications equipment for this job.

Stadium comms control room.

 ST received a basic design to work from less than one year before the Games. From here, they sat down with the governing body of each sport that was at that venue to refine the design.  “Each sport is slightly different,” said Bonner. “We have a basic design with common principles from venue-to-venue — Clear-Com matrices for example — and from there we determine the number and location of the panels, the number of headsets and so on.”  The nature of big event productions is a bidding, planning and prep phase that lasts a few years, followed by an intense few weeks of “delivery,” followed by a rather rapid tear down. What remains is an expanded equipment infrastructure for many contractors and, more importantly, the experience. Add in a vendor with well-received gear and the knowledge of what these events require, and the ability of an organization like ST to bring it all together, and what remains is a beautiful coalition ready to take on the next big production. “The organizers could see the synergy between a great equipment vendor, the local expertise of Sports Technology and the Games time capability and experience of The P.A. People and other partners,” said Dodds “It was a natural fit to join forces to deliver the venues communications systems.”

2010 Australian Event Awards Winners
Photograph by Event Pix

The P.A. People winners at the 2010 Australian Event Awards.  

The PA People are honoured to have been selected as a finalist in the categories of Most Innovative Use of Technology and Best Product or Service for this years Australian Event Awards.
The P.A. People joined other finalists for 2010 Australian Event Awards night held on October 8th at Sydney Olympic Park. During the evening The P.A. People took top honours in two catagoies for Most Innovative Use of Technology, based on the EYEcue camera systems deployed for the Sydney Festival 'Festival First Night' and 'AR Rahman' events earlier this year, as well as Best Product or Service for SPLnet environmental sound monitoring system .   
The Australian Event Awards is the national program to reward excellence and innovation across the entire Australian Events Industry and is the only opportunity for Australian events, event managers, products and service providers to be nationally recognised for their achievements regardless of event type, size, geographic location or association membership.

Most Innovative Use of Technology - The PA People for their work on Sydney Festival

2010 saw the first use of The P.A. People’s EYEcue camera system at the Sydney Festival. Three systems were deployed throughout January / February. 
This year Sydney Festival called upon The PA People to extend the coverage of their EYEcue Surveillance system in two main areas – the deployment of cameras throughout the Macquarie Precinct areas of Sydney CBD for Festival First Night, and the integration of the EYEcue system with the NSW Police Operation Centre in Surry Hills for both Festival First Night and the AR Rahman concert in Parramatta Park.

The Eyecue camera system is an IP based CCTV/Surveillance system designed for event crowd control and performance monitoring applications. It consists of a number of networked cameras, a central server system with the capacity to record video, a multi-screen video wall for control room applications and workstations and monitors for user interaction.


Best Product or Service - SPLnet the PA People 

At a hardware level the system comprises a number of discrete elements all interconnected using a range of network technologies:

• A number of perimeter monitoring instruments, solar powered to provide flexibility of deployment, each connected to a central logging server via a private Telstra 3G network. Each perimeter system is able to log measurements and record audio for any number of SPL parameters including 1/3 octave analysis of the audio, as well as provide real time measurements and streaming audio to the control station.
• A number of local Stage monitoring instruments each connected via an IP network to both a local Stage based PC monitoring PC (for the local audio operator), and to the control station over a Wide Area Network. The WAN topology would depend on the actual event and what other networked services are being deployed. The infra structure would typically be a mix of copper, fibre, WiFi, and both RF and Free Space Optical links.
• A control station capable of monitoring each of the perimeter stations and of setting the thresholds for the Stage systems. The control station is connected to both the 3G network and the local WAN, and enables one engineer to both monitor and control the compliance for the event.
Custom software applications are th
en used on both the control station and on the stage PC’s to provide SPL thresholds and SPL levels to the audio operators along with text based messaging for two way communications between engineers.



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