Event Comms makes a Ruckus
Thursday, 16 July 2009 12:17   

The P.A. People today announced the addition of the new ZoneFlex system from Ruckus Wireless to it's extensive Events Communications Rental inventory.

For many years The P.A. People have lead the way in short-term engineered RF site deployment. With significant investment in test equipment from names such as Agilent, Anritsu and Fluke and a commitment to best-in-class RF combining and filtering The P.A. People have been on the look-out for a Wireless data solution that was appropriate for reliable short term deployments, and capable of providing the levels of service that The P.A. People are renown for.

“The Ruckus ZoneFlex system is cutting edge, whether we are talking about large production venues, schools, churches or offices we now have a transport system that we are confident in rolling out, and that we are certain will add value for our customers along side our more traditional technology offerings”, said Andrew Nisbet The P.A. People’s ICT Integration specialist.

Until recently intelligent Wi-Fi solutions have been out of reach of all but Government and large enterprise players. Intelligent technologies such as beam steering are new to the WiFi market gegardless of you have you have been prepared to spend. Ruckus Wireless brings this level of technology to a new market.

"While the ‘corporate-conference-going-laptop-user’ makes up a section of our target market, Ruckus Wireless industry leading QoS technologies' such as SmartCast makes this fit perfect for our customers requiring IPTV, VoIP and CCTV solutions.”  adds Nisbet.

Any RF environment is dynamic and while the traditional site-survey concept has its place the adaptive real-time system provided by Ruckus using Smart Wi-Fi antennas allows levels of reliability that are just not possible with traditional Wi-Fi deployments.

“Many of our projects involve short term dynamic installations, and when we deploy a data network for a customer we need to know it is capable of delivering the data when it is required whether it is cabled or wireless.”

Services bases on Ruckus Zone Flex systems are now available to The P.A. People’s rental and integration customers as part of a comprehensive range of network services and products.