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conference comms

…The P.A. People delivers!

At a recent international conference held in Sydney, The P.A. People provided an intricate Clear-Com system, incorporating over 30 desktop panels, 85 FreeSpeak II wireless belt packs and 20 IP transceivers supported by the venue’s fibre network. The system provided seamless wireless communications coverage over five exhibition halls, two theatres, one ballroom and a quantity of breakout workshops and AV control rooms.

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Clear-Com FreeSpeak II

Clear-Com FreeSpeak II

For years, simple and reliable full-duplex wireless communications has been somewhat of a holy grail for Intercom manufacturers. So, what is ‘full duplex’ I hear you ask? Full-duplex intercom refers to an intercom system that has the capability to talk and listen at the same time, just like a telephone. No need to talk, then pause whilst the other party responds - and no chance that some of the communication might get lost if someone talks over you.

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Rosemeadow Catholic Church

Our Lady, Help of Christians - new construction

Project Manager, David Logan explains: “The objective was to deploy the latest technology in a discreet manner, in-keeping with the architecture and feel of the Venue - and deliver it in a user-friendly format” he said. The P.A. People installed audio, av, cctv services for this new church facility (on the previous church site) in Rosemeadow in Sydney’s south-west.

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