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Toni Krasicki investigates how The P.A. People’s ‘fit-for-purpose’ design philosophy and complete service ethos makes for a winning combination.

When asked what sets The P.A. People apart from other companies providing a similar product, Managing Director, Chris Dodds maintains that it’s their collective ‘hands-on’ expertise. As one of Australia’s largest suppliers of audio visual systems, performance lighting and production communications systems, The P.A. People is a leader in the communication systems field.

With 40 years of experience designing and installing, servicing and operating systems, they have become the ‘go-to’ people for fitting-out all types of venues; including entertainment and sporting venues, churches, schools, government departments as well as equipping large-scale events.

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… new facility requires full fit-out

SAE Creative Media Institute was established in Australia in 1976 and is now one of the world’s leading educators in creative media.  With 53 campuses in 27 countries, there are six SAE campuses located around Australia. Earlier this year the Sydney campus was relocated to Chippendale, and as part of the move The P.A. People provided AV support for the new fitout.

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The Connection, Rhodes re-envisions the traditional community centre & civic space. Instead of a large public building, Crone Partners separated the programs to generate multiple themed public spaces, each with their own unique style and pace. The pavilions provide a mix of community facilities. This arrangement allows each space to have multiple interfaces. This rich network will work to create an optimistic and playful public open space for the people of Rhodes.”  Katharine Turner, Project Leader - Crone Architects.

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